Student Profiles

Tiffany Benson

Tiffany Benson

Quick Facts

Hometown: Gypsy, W.Va.
Status: Junior
Major: Journalism
Role: Student Contributor

Q: What are your work experiences in the field of journalism?
A: I write for The Black Sheep, which is an alternative college paper. I am currently in a mentorship with the Charleston Daily Mail. I am also doing internship with WVU’s Residential Education Department developing newsletters and doing other types of writing for them.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I enjoy reading anything from Stephen King to Truman Capote to any newspaper imaginable. I try to write as much as possible as well. I spend a lot of my spare time watching movies too.

Q: What are your long term goals?
A: My goals are to be a reporter and work for a substantial newspaper. I would like to work for The New York Times.

Q: What are the challenges and rewards of telling multimedia stories in West Virginia?
A: The challenges are that this state is so rural and behind in technology. It can be difficult to find stories and travel to places that are so secluded, they don’t have paved roads or Internet. The rewards are, once you’ve traveled to that backwoods location, you have revealed a great story about someone or something that the people wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. And hopefully you’ve shown it in a way that’s more than just a simple print story.