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Ben Gazsi

Aaron | April 3rd, 2013

Ben Gazsi is an art sculpture major at West Virginia University and has been creating his own pieces for the past three years. Before finding his passion in art he attended architecture school but quickly found out that wasn’t the right path for him. So, Gazsi decided to give art a try and has since found a knack for creating things out of nature.


“People walk by branches, grapevines and moss without even glancing at it. I want to take these things and make something that people will recognize as something creative,” Gazsi said.

When you first meet Ben you wouldn’t really picture an artist but when you step into his two story home your thoughts immediately change. The walls are covered with drawings, pictures and artwork that he’s done. There are tables with lizard and fish tanks, plants in every corner and on the window sills and four energetic dogs running around the house.


Last year Ben did a piece at Coopers Rock State Forest using natural materials such as grapevines, logs, branches, leaves and moss. He named it “The Giant”. With the popularity of “The Giant” throughout the year Ben decided to do another sculpture using the same materials and is planning to revel it on Earth Day.

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