C.J. Richardson’s Hardware

Built in 1901, C.J. Richardson’s is a hardware store located in Marlinton, W.Va., and is vital to the local community.

By Candace Nelson and Hong Zhao | 01/11/2012

Standing three stories tall, the light blue building trimmed in white with “C.J. Richardson” sprawled across the front is a landmark in Marlinton, W.Va. Built in 1901, this hardware store produced tools, equipment and other necessities for those traveling on the railroad next-door.

Now in its fourth-generation of ownership, the building continues to sell much of the same merchandise from the 1900s, like nails, piping and bolts, but other items such as flat-screen TVs, furniture, and china have been added over the years.

Terry Richardson, 57, is the great grandson of C.J. Richardson and continues to carry on the store’s legacy. With the nearest Walmart 40 miles away across the county border, Richardson makes an effort to carry a little bit of everything the small town needs. The small staff, many of whom have been at the store for years, greets many customers by name and makes every effort they can to help members of the community.

While Richardson isn’t ready to retire any time soon, he is teaching the trade of the business to his daughter, Annie. But the decision to take over the family business and create a fifth-generation of ownership is up to his children, Terry said. Regardless of who takes over the business next, C.J. Richardson’s service to the community will remain strong.

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