By Paul King and Trevor Gerard | 1/27/2011

Ruth Blackwell Rogers says that she has always led a spiritual life. She always believed that everything on this world was connected, both inside and out. She has been all over the world and has encountered numerous cultures and beliefs. But, in 1994, she read about Shamanism and felt a different kind of connection with it.

Rogers enrolled in classes to become a Shamanic healer, where she was taught to access the spirit world and use it to help others in times of need. She uses these spiritual journeys as inspiration for her paintings. Each stroke of the paintbrush or dot of color is meaningfully placed, representing the places she goes in her mind when she meditates. In addition to her work as a healer, Rogers says that these paintings can be a source of Shamanic healing for all those who see them. Rogers, who lives with her husband Hugh Rogers in Kerens, recently showed her collection of paintings entitled Heart of the World and Other Recent Series at the Randolph Community Arts Center.

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